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. >> senior u.s. officials say al qaeda's no. 2 leader in yemen is dead. they say he was killed in an air strike along with five others. the missile was fired by an unmanned drone. u.s. officials would not incur -- would not confirm any involvement. the death is seen as a major blow to al qaeda. >> on to a developing story where police are looking for a suspect in an attempted sexual assault that happened on friday morning. a woman told police she came home and found a man inside her apartment and he tried to sexually assault her but he fled when he fought back. >> we turn now to the race for the white house and the new numbers in favor of president obama. a new poll shows the president with a decent lead. for the first time, he is ahead and another category as well. let's go to the newsroom to explain the post convention developments. >> let's talk money first. i will be damned. those are the words and the obama campaign they say they refuse to let the romney team met raise more cash. from the's team went to work in a state that could be some of the most coveted ground in pol
are on standby to defend u.s. citizens. in egypt, protesters clashed with police. two were killed as protesters stormed the gate in the capital city. this was the scene outside the american embassy in london, demonstrations fuelled by the release of an amateur film. protesters say the movie denigrates the prophet muhammed. >> the producer has been identified it 55-year-old egyptian christian living in california who wrote the film while in jail for bank fraud charges. >> " the dick is calling for peace in the middle east and he begins in lebanon. anti-american protests and led the dawn, police opened fire. lebanese authorities have suspended permits a separate government officials bodyguards and there confiding the pope's visit to a central lebanon and northern christian areas. go for the latest on the violence in the middle east. we also have the dates on facebook and twitter. >> sentenced to 30 years he's admitted hot and with agents as part of the nihon -- of an al qaeda plot. he went so far as to put on what he thought was a bomb-laden dust. he received a lesser term under a plea deal. dodg
this morning. it was a cold morning. washington, 53. 40's for folks out in hagerstown. winchester, 30's. the temperatures have recovered a lot. look at the average. 76 degrees. look at the record low, the record low, 39 degrees in the 1960's. some of the showers have come out of the mountains of west virginia on into roanoke. by and large you can see it has been moving out of the mountains. it has been falling apart, you folks around or intent may see a few sprinkles as they go to the evening hours -- warrington may see a few sprinkles as we go through the evening hours. early tomorrow morning i think some of the clouds will be breaking up. look at the early-morning tomorrow, 6:00 in the morning 50's or low 60's. as they go through the day we will get into a southerly wind. look at that warm air. temperatures around washington and fredericksburg, mid-80's. there will be some afternoon and evening showers popping up, but there will be more that would just be plain and cloudy. that will be the story as they go into the weekend. most of the time, will be rain- free. there will be a few pas
the belfort furniture weather center a few showers, but they are well to our north. it is still into the 80's, quite above average, not near the record. we will see it warm up until noon time, i think by lake huron tomorrow afternoon and evening that is when we have a risk of some showers or thundershowers. meanwhile, this is calibrated for all of you leaf lookers. the colors are beginning to change. we will have details about that as well as what is coming our way for the weekend. i will give you a hint. >> thanks a lot. we will see you soon. and you can download the storm watch -- stormwatch app. >> for home sellers, the latest numbers on home sales across the country. >> and the d.c. council chair will tell you when he will face a judge again. >> and more on the family found dead inside the [ female announcer ] dear daughter, welcomeam to america. your share of obama's debt is over 50 thousand dollars, and it grows every day. obama's policies are makinit harder on women. the poverty rate for women -- the highest in 17 years. more women are unemployed under presid
. temperature outside, 83 degrees with a dew point in the 70's. 85 was the high today, one degree above average. the record was 98 setback in 1953. on the weatherbug network, a touch of rain at wtop radio. leesbur ofg 80 degrees. -- leesburg, 80 degrees. wind gusts in annapolis today up to 35 miles per hour. 81 in manassas. plenty of warm air to go around. 91 in minneapolis. some heat in the midwest will arrive in our area by thursday. we will see the high around 90 degrees. satellite radar, you can see what is left of isaac moving to the east along with a warm front but that will lift to the north of us. the combination of the two will bring in the potential for some heavier downpours especially during the are afternoon hours into tomorrow night. some areas may see upward of 1 inch or more of rain. doppler radar right now a few showers north and east of baltimore. the flash flood warning up there has come to an end. looking for quieter conditions overnight. futurecast, not so quiet. clouds tomorrow and mid 80's for daytime highs. heavier showers tomorrow night into the day on wednesday. all th
. new u.s. president has won numbers as high as they are right now. the line in the newsroom, kennedy, abc 7 news. >> president obama wasted no getting back on the after lastail night's convention. as barbara hall reports, ronny talked about the issues and also shot at the democratic national convention. romney was quick to call it the hangover after last night's party. s nothing but the to give thes done confidence that knows what he's doing when it economy.jobs and the >> he says the economy is but there's more work to be done. >> is there is serious about being concerned about joblessness, we could create 1 new jobs right now. if only congress would pass a sent to them one year ago. >> it is no tail wind behind him at all. s into a blinding trench warfare. >> the candidates are locked in battle for a small did --of and so undecided voters. biggest trees, choice, of any time in our generation. >> the president started his day tonew hampshire than going iowa. timeframe new president with different vision of america. o have 60 days to make their case. the biden's's and d to ohio state
in the 70's. some pretty nasty the extremes, southern maryland. all of this, it is moving well to the south. a cluster of lightning moving on northern edge.e that is staying away from us. here is doppler, another patchen culpeper. -- and other patch in culpeper. those friday night football games will be having a few but nothing really violent like last night. temperature today was above average, 81 degrees. s the satellite that a bit farther to so it is harder to see south america. over the last 24 hours, a nasty storm, reports of hail, and a lot of lightning. by evening, the showers near us moving well to the towards the lower eastern shore. with thoserning, at thesterly winds, look temperatures. frederick tomorrow morning, hawaii 40's. a lot of sun -- hawaii 40's. the next time it does anything was late sunday. all bit more in the way of cloudiness on sunday. later on tonight, early tomorrow morning, leftover patchy fog. a nice day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the 70's. admission, by the way, for the national park. along and tries skyline drive. in the showers on sunday wo
crowd in virginia beach. he said change takes more than s president and told audience he was not born wealth and privilege but he e of aere he is becaus great education. obama 1 virginia in over mittolds a lead romney in virginia. abc7 is your station for the election. follow us on twitter for updates the campaign trail. >> some storms are moving into area. >> bob ryan is tracking them the weather center. these are slow-moving storms warningseason for the hail. possibility of some there has been one confirmed in the mountains. people around front royal, these warnings for the shenandoah valley and jackson, woodstock, see those areas of purple? that is where there could be some hail. the other one continues to move off toward the east. all of this is moving gradually east so it will be the metropolitan area s evening, 7:00, at 9:00, with some thunderstorms have had temperatures the 80's. widespread wind or damage. the new warnings are out until 6:45. >> a dramatic scene on wisconsin avenue. againsts a protest unfair foreclosures that the street in front of fannie mae. many were arreste
michael brown says he has s campaign after it revealed more than $100,000 coffers wentaign missing. from he says was stolen him. cut short his press conference after we started asking tough questions. i was looking directly at the campaign finance records. athould have been looking the bank statement. he was hoping to win a second in november and spoke the first time campaign said its than $100,000 now firedtaken by aide. clearly, i was wrong to have deeplyperson and i regret it. he says he doesn't know why what it was or spent on. we are confident the target of this investigation will be prosecuted. he said the incident should upon hisct poorly or leadership. >> i don't believe being the of a crime reflects badly campaign. reflects badly on the thief. he says the campaign has been rebuilt, but in an unexpected turn, he abruptly ended the reporterserences when allegations leveled by opponents who say he has a of financial problems. beenaid that he had plagued with fiscal issues his entire career. should point at the metropolitan police are investigating the matter but this point, the for
climbed the u.s. consulate wall chanting" down with america." want to warn america is with thet play muslims, he said. >> there is still active debate to the deaths of e ambassador and three other americans in libya. the president of that country on the 9/11ack anniversary was planned by a e u.s. group in th continued to deny it. not put labels on this have a complete investigation. >> you do not regard it as an act of terrorism? know enough.k we >> some say the demonstrations start of the serious not one to disappear quickly. this 14-minute movie trailers on film that for the no one saw when it was l.a. movie an theater. biggest audience has been online. libya says its security forces arrested 50 people in the deaths of the four americans. we areat 6:00, storyring a developing out of louisiana. s of students and staff the state university were threated after a bomb called into 911 around 10:30 morning central time. lsu issued an evacuation alert its web site and by a text message. police are investigating whether to a similard at other universities last week. >> we are keeping a clo
're headed in the wrong direction. elizabeth warren, a candidate for the u.s. senate against scott -- against scott brown will be in that prime 10:00 p.m. hour. >> would like to talk about speakers but we're talking also about setting. the weather is causing a problem. democrats have had to move about the speech from the facility outside to the indoor one, 20,000 seats. republicans have their own issue with hurricane isaac. the conspiracy theory, is it because of the possibility of lightning or it doesn't have to do with the challenge of filling the seat? >> we were very confident we would have a big, enthusiastic crowd and fill that stadium. unfortunately, the chance of severe weather which would put those people at risk was too high. >> the next step is a phone booth. >> you do not think it is the weather. >> whether or not people would show up. >> john sununu, never one to shy away from a comet or an opportunity to strike out. >> tomorrow, the unemployment numbers come out tomorrow and will be a concern. >> much more coming up including highlights from president bill clinton's big speech.
. be a beautiful evening. we are calling for clear skies temperatures in the 70's. we go from summer to autumn morning. changes in the local weather. that in aghlight minutes. >> new developments in the over the a voter on same-sex marriage. several well-known members of clergy within the african- speakingcommunity are favor of allowing gay men and lesbians to marry. jennifer has why they're getting involved. why is that? 8000 members and invited several well-known explain theyrs to speaking out because he not an issue of gay or straight. about civil rights. >> to take a position, to limit the civil rights of anyone, is to take a position to limit of everyone.hts words from the civil activists from a podium the issue that is dividing pulpits at churches .cross the country a religiousot debate. a policy debate. urged to vote yes to a controversial referendum on ballot.mber question no. 6, it would grant gayl marriage licenses to and lesbian couples. should live out our faith legislate it.o >> there should be no birds -- terms of the rights of people. >> across town, -- on the premise of the wor
clearing skies the rest of that evening. dropping into the '60s. skies clearing and we will have a nice day tomorrow. afternoon thunderstorms are a possibility. we can show you on the future cast -- clear skies. this is the big cold front. mid to late afternoon behind the front, it's going to turn cooler and less humid. it will be beautiful. check out this image. 90 tomorrow with a chance of showers and on saturday, showers and thunderstorms becoming all likely into the afternoon and evening. beautiful sunshine and low humidity. warming to the lower 80s by the middle of next week. >> that toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local 200 dealers -- moving you forward. >> you need art modell? >> i knew him very well. i met him back in the 1980's when i was doing nfl games on the network. he would always take us out to dinner in cleveland that he was always congenial. he move his franchise to baltimore but he was a luminary. he was an innovative pioneer, controversial certainly, but he moved the franchise to baltimore and leaving cleveland never goes over with fans. he s
department can do to provide adequate security. today in cairo s mere children. wearing a spongebob t-shirts, there splattered in blood as a move toward the embassy. critics contend of foreign governments like the muslim brotherhood in egypt are doing little to stop the attacks and protect american diplomat serving overseas. >> it is really important that the host governments are doing what they can to provide security in the streets. >> but state department officials defended the security being provided to personnel worldwide. but in the latest review, a diplomatic security officials bluntly admit it they have too few resources and cannot sufficiently meet the additional training recommendations called for by the secretary. at the embassy in germany today, hazardous material crews responded to reports of a suspicious car. in yemen gunfire as protestors spread in front of the embassy. the angry mobs threatening to kill all americans. in libya, little remains but ash and a smoldering american flag at the consulate killing of four americans there. in that state department of vie
other battleground states. >> the candidates for u.s. senate in virginia square off for debate in northern virginia. democrat tim kaine and republican george allen went head-to-head and both wasted no time taking shots at each other on issues from medicare to the definition of marriage. a new poll shows tim kaine over george allen. you can see our story on the senate debate on our website wjla.com. >> a special lead student was shot six times but was released from the hospital today. court documents indicate that that child and another student got into an argument in class. the -- one student went to an alley where he had hidden a gun and returned and shot him. >> police have broken up a phony iphone sales ring. two men who were father and son were selling the fate phones. they were arrested when authorities say they sold and iphone to a detective for $120. police believe they sold at least seven more in a parking lot and they are looking for additional victims. >> now the showdown over gambling in maryland. some maryland county executives are getting together to encourage vote
dropping into the 70's. the possibility of a few showers and warm and muggy conditions. overnight, we will remain in the 70's. we will check this out for you more in a couple of minutes. >> sunday night's downpour was the fourth time a neighborhood in northwest washington has flooded this year. according to the water authority, the storm dumped about 3 inches in 90 minutes and there is little they can do because it some other recent storms have been the biggest in years, and the system simply cannot get the water out quickly enough. >> and it d.c. taxicab devices to streamline the installation of credit card machines accessible from the back seat in addition to other perks. we have more on reasons behind the delay. >> the plan was to have the smart meter program well under way by now. a surcharge to pay for it and the dozens of companies to install the devices in taxicabs but, it seems the opponents started throwing up roadblocks, and for the moment, one is working. the city's new smartrip program for taxicabs is on hold. >> our program is taking a hit. >> weeks ago, mayor vincent gra
, the rioting may have been nothing more than a diversion to carry out the first attack on the u.s. ambassador in 35 years. >> we never have been, and we will not be run off period. >> now, another element in all of this is interesting. back anti-muslim movie was endorsed by terry jones whom you might remember from burning the koran. there was an application that was withdrawn today. >> and now some more information about ambassador christopher stevens, who had served twice in libya from 2007 until 2009 and then for 10 months last year during the revolution there. before joining the foreign service, he was an international trade lawyer in washington. he was 52 years old. >> shortly after the news of the attack in libya broke, mitt romney accused the a administration of apologizing for american values. he was talking about a statement issued in cairo. at a campaign rally in jacksonville fla. mitt romney doubled down on his comments. >> this is setting a terrible course for america to stand in apology for our values an apology for american values is never the right course. >> in an interview wit
temperatures. frost as possible in western maryland. even in local areas where talking suburbs in the mid-40's. the chill is in the air. that is the back edge of yesterday's storm. high-pressure for the next couple days. nighttime temperatures on the cold side. temperatures warming up because the high pressure will move offshore. we will get more of a southerly wind. near 80 on friday and into the weekend and warm before the next cold front comes in. clear and cool and 62 in the city. 72 at midday. eventually to near 80 on friday. saturday, partly cloudy and warm. isolated evening showers and cooler weather sunday and monday. check out the newest member of the weather team at 4:30 a.m. here the latest update and she looks forward to the weekend weather. >> the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> trouble tonight at the ballpark? >> fy said to you that the nationals will have a 5.5 game lead and the magic number of 10 to win the division, you would have said i was crazy. they need to wynns to make the playoffs. 10 of 16 at home. what a great ni
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